Dr. Kevin Elko

Dr. Elko is recognized as the “head coach” for some of the winningest collegiate and professional football teams – the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, the University of Miami Hurricanes, and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide to name a few. Elko’s strategies have also led a number of the nation’s most notable companies – Tyson Foods, ING, and Merrill Lynch to name a few – to success.

A graduate of California University of Pennsylvania and West Virginia University where he received his graduate degrees, Dr. Elko is known for helping organizations of all sizes in various industries in the areas of leadership, goal setting, and other motivational topics. He is a published author of four books: Nerves of Steel, The Pep Talk, True Greatness: Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success, and Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life.

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